10 Easy James Bond Quiz Questions

Who is in charge of demonstrating and providing James Bond with Gadgets?

Which car manufacturer is James Bond renowned for driving during bond movies?

What drink does James Bond ask to be "shaken, not stirred"?

Which actor has played James Bond the most in the 007 films?

Who created James Bond and wrote the original Novels?

Which gun is famously used by James Bond in most films?

What code number is secret agent James Bond given?

What preciouse metal and colour appears in the title of three James Bond films?

Eon Productions have produced all but two of the James Bond films. Their films are considered the official James Bond films but which was the first Eon productions James Bond Film?

Which flag is most commonly seen during the James Bond films?

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James Bond Quiz Answers

Q (short for quartermaster) is the reccuring character which provides 007 with his gadgets

Many cars are driven by James Bond but his Aston Martins are by far the most famous.

James Bond prefers his Vodka Martini "shaken, not stirred"

Sean Connery has played the role of James Bond in 6 official bond films and Roger Moore has played James bond in 7 offcial bond films. However Sean Connery did play James Bond in an unofficial (non Eon productions film) called Never say Never which means they are both tied with 7 films each.

Ian Flemming created James Bond in 1953 and made 12 novels revolving around the life of James Bond.

James Bond's most famous handgun in the Walther PPK, during many of Ian Flemming's novels it is noted Bond uses a Beretta 418 as his main gun and in the film Dr. No it is said that the Beretta is indeed Bond's favorite Handgun but is replaced by the Walther PPK which is used until 1997 where the Walther P99 replaces it for a few films.

James Bond's code number is of course 007

Gold is the preciouse metal and colour which appears in the title of3 films - Goldfinger, The Man with the Golden Gun & Goldeneye.

Dr. No is the first official James Bond film, an unoffcial casino roayle film was made prior to it but is widley recognised by Bond fans.

The Union Jack appears most often during James Bond films (United Kingdom), noteably on Bond's paracaute and on a china bulldog.