Double Bet on Loss Strategy by Martingale (Improved)

As the title suggests I'm going to be talking about my experiences, research and suggestions of how to use the famous Martingale betting strategy to make money using the double bet on loss theory.
Along with a real life test I completed on an online betting website to prove to myself it works.
Well actually I'm not! The Martingale betting strategy in theory is an alright way to ensure you always win money but the risks are high and the payout is low, and because of that - it's not much fun! Because of that I'm going to call it the Martingfail strategy!

What I'm going to be explaining is my improved method which works on the basic principles of Martingale's strategy with some very simple but effective tweaks making the whole process - more fun and more profitable!

How does Martingale's Betting Strategy work?

Before we explain the improvement you'll need to know the original strategy which Martingale invented.
Double bet on roulette is the game, and we're betting on either red or black. Excluding the house advantage the chances of you winning is 50/50 and for the purposes of this strategy the house advantage doesn't play a massive role in your success or failure anyway (unless you're very unlucky).
So we'd start the betting with a low amount of money, to make things easy I'm going to say £1.
If we win, we'll have given the dealer £1 and received £2 back which is the ideal outcome obviously.
If we lose however we will bet again but double our bet to £2 this time, if we win we will have given the dealer £1 on the first bet and £2 on the second (£3 in total) and received £4 back which means we've made £1 profit.
Every time you lose - double the bet! Here is a chart with examples -

martingale chart

As the chart suggests, if you're willing to risk £1024 Martingale's Strategy will guarantee you a win as long as you don't lose more than 9 times.

So what are the chances of losing 9 times when we use the Martingale Strategy?

If we go with European Roulette (1 in 37 chance of getting the dreaded house 0's instead of 2/38) then mathematically the odds of hitting this terrible run of 9 loses followed by a win is 1 in 1024.
That sounds quite high doesn't it? So you'd be quite unlucky to get 10 losses in your first bets, granted but when you consider that the odds of you hitting that streak is 1/1024 and the amount you win is £1 after risking £1024 the whole theory starts to unravel and become just plain stupid!

You'll be caught out by the roulette table's maximum bet amount!

NO, you won't! I've heard this mention in many other articles about the Martingale strategy and it's complete rubbish and I wonder how people haven't seen this!
If the minimum bet amount is £1 and the maximum is £500 or £200 or £1000 (whatever) this will not stop you using the strategy effectively, using the chart above as a guide imagine you are on a £1-£200 bet table, once you reach your 7th bet (and lose) you are unable to double your bet on this table - FACT, so you've basically you've come up short and you're out? NO NO NO!!!
According to other people you should "bet the maximum amount to recover your losses" - that is plain idiotic, why not pack up at the £200 limit table to move to the £500 limit table and place your £256 bet? Then you lose again and you pack up and go to the £1000 limit table with your £512 bet? Not exactly rocket science is it? Just because you're on a different table doesn't make a sodding bit of difference.
NOTE: This will not be suitable for those gamblers who cannot be bothered to get off their lazy behind to move to another table which is the only reason I can think why I've not seen this mentioned elsewhere! If you're playing online - couple of clicks is all it takes!

Enough Enough already hear about the "improved" Martingale Betting Strategy!

I'm glad you've asked and I apologise for getting wound up by some of the idiots who post information about betting strategies when they clearly haven't a clue! Which is bizzarre because some of the statistics they've created are very impressive!

I'm going to call this strategy the Bessant Betting Strategy (named after myself of course) and show you the differences -

Don't bet on Red or Black with Martingale!
Bet 2 to 1 with Bessant Betting Strategy!

When betting red of black the return from your bet is 1 to 1 so you'll win twice what you've bet and double you're money (if you win first time round). These odds give you a rubbish return when following martingales strategy (and you've lost at least once).
What you need to do is up your game a little! Roulette offers many different bets with a varying payout ratio depending on the likelihood of your win as shown here -

roulette payout

Whilst using higher odds will give a higher payout you're less likely to win, this isn't a problem for people with large bank accounts who are willing to take a higher risk however it's far simper and safer for the average joe to bet on 2 to 1 odds only. I personally bet on the Numbers 1-12 / Numbers 13-24 / Numbers 25-36.

I'm going to repeat the same chart I made above for the Red / Black classic Martingale betting Strategy but use the new 2 to 1 odds we've introduced (still doubling our bet with each loss) and see what difference it makes.

martingale improved

WHOA! Firstly you'll notice that instead of going up to 10 bets I've extended it to 15 bets as the chances of losing with the improved strategy are much greater, which makes you wonder - why is it better if you're more likely to lose?
Well take a look at the profit, we started off at £1 and if we lost 14 bets and won the 15th then we've just made a whopping £16,385!! Using the original strategy you'd be looking at making a profit of one single golden coin known as £1 - that's the major difference!

Remember my Maximum limit on a roulette table rant from before? I'm not sure you would be able to find a table which will allow £16k bets which does make this difficult to execute when starting at £1, if we toned it down to £0.10 starting then it's only £1.6k which shouldn't be too hard, alternatively you can switch to higher payout bets once you've reached the limit. So move from 2 to 1 once you've reached the table limit to a 5 to 1 or 6 to 1 payout and then 8 to 1 etc etc instead of doubling the bet.

If you're not excited by these results then you probably haven't got the odd £32k to gamble with so haven't got much chance getting the £16k prize. But this method isn't just for those with big pockets, the chances of you winning each bet is 1 in 3 (or 12 in 37 on European tables - to be precise) so whilst it's not quite the near 50/50 the classic Martingale offers it's not bad and the profit is far superior!

The Improved Betting system predictions and random testing

To ensure my assumptions about my new double bet Bessant Betting system worked I ran a series of tests taking into consideration the amount of money a person needs to possess, the type of betting and how likely a random number generator (instead of pure maths) would say it is for us to make some money.

Right so I looked around on the internet for online casinos and found one that accepted £0.10 bets with a maximum limit of £1000, which accommodates this system very nicely! So we're working with 10p bets now not £1.

Taking into consideration 10'000 randomly generated bets in total there is a 98% chance of winning on the 15th bet or before. So if I start with 10p bet and I have £3'276 to gamble with I've got a 98% chance of ensuring my win. If you've not quite got that amount of money then here's some more statistics - If you've got £819 to gamble with, you've got a 89% chance of winning , £150 to gamble with then you'd have a 79% chance of winning.

The longest losing streak the random number generator created was a whopping 27 losses before a win, if you wanted to make sure you 100% were going to win you'd need in excess of £13 Million.
And even then on that 28th bet you've got a 2 in 3 chance of losing and needing another £13 Million to continue.

Needless to say betting full stop isn't risk free, however as with every single thing in life - if you don't take risks you don't get successes and betting does require a lot of patience and determination along with some luck to pay off.

Real life betting results (using my version of the Martingale strategy)

Right so I thought I'd give it a go practise what you preach and all that to make sure it did 100% work and I hadn't made a massive error on my double bet on loss strategy. So I logged onto a online betting website, started a roulette game with £50 in the bank and decided to start my game with a £0.10 bet only betting on either the 1st 12, 2nd 12 or 3rd 12 each time as pictured below.

martingale improved

I completed 12 runs in total, here are the results

5/12 Runs ended on the 1st bet of £0.10 netting a £0.30 return
6/12 Runs ended between the 2nd and 6th bet.
1/12 Runs ended on the 11th bet netting a £307.20 return

The very last bet I made was for £102.40 which meant that after all my bets over the 12 runs had been made I came out with around £122 profit (not bad for less than an hour playing games!) and proof that the strategy can pay off. I decided to stop at this point and cash in my winnings.

Advice if using the Bessant Betting Strategy or Martingale

Knowledge is power and a great advantage when it comes to sports betting, if you know what you're betting on you've got far more chance of being successfull, try betting on accumulators or high payout odd games and doubling your bet every time you lose.

Start low, even if you've got big pockets a low bet amount ensures a higher win rate.
With £3000 maximum spend and starting each run with £0.10 bets means you've got roughly 98% chance of winning and can survive a total of 14 losses in the run.
However starting with bets at £10 would mean that you now can only survive 10 losses and therefore the chances of winning are significantly reduced.

Keep records of each bet in order to ensure you're following the system correctly and to ensure you're not throwing money away.

Most importantly have fun, it's a risky game and if you can't afford to lose then don't play - even with double bet stratagies you can still lose a massive amount of money and many people spend years of their lives paying back money they gambled.